Form-finding, design and fabrication of a fiber reinforced concrete table - fabric-formed shell structure

#bakalarska-prace #technologie-betonu

2014 | Nadezda Albert

Today, concrete furniture and accessories design is extremely various and adaptable. Many designers, architects and concrete contractors around the world work with decorative concrete, and the number of people involved, incredibly, increases every year. Those enthusiastic people truly appreciate the merits of concrete, such as strength and durability, but mainly, the versatility of concrete and the opportunity to give it all kinds of shapes; thereby, in order to implement the person's own designs, they master material technology, adapt mixtures and adjust the properties of the concrete. The first part of the work, accompanied with illustrations, gives an overview of concrete furniture and accessory design and primarily tends to illustrate the possible shapes and unusual applications of the concrete, as well as to summarize ways in which those designs can be cast and formed during production. Forming with the fabric, as a type of flexible formwork, is of particular interest to the author. Several examples of form-finding methods for the concrete shell structures with the use of fabric are outlined in the thesis. The second part of the work deals will the experimental piece of furniture - coffee table - thin concrete shell created and manufactured by the author. Production method assumes the creation of a thin shell structure by letting concrete cure on a piece of fabric, which behaves naturally and shapes itself under the self-weight of the concrete coat. Experiment adopts the technique of delayed deforming applied to a flexible open mold, and the principle of the inverted catenary arch to thin membrane structures in three dimensions was applied in the project.


Concrete tablecloth
Support conditions (right); orientation of local axes (left)Consistency of concrete mixtureApplication of concrete mixtureReinforcing glass-fiber mesh between the layersFabric formwork after deformationDetail of Melting Table