Evaluation and Applicability of Visual Concrete Surface

#analyza-obrazu #diplomova-prace #matlab #technologie-betonu

2016 | Nadezda Albert

This work presents experimental data used for evaluation of the effectiveness of decorative concrete finishes for proposed high strength mortar (HSM). The effect of different surface treatments was evaluated by absorption characteristics of the surface and comparison of abrasive damage results. Matlab Image Processing toolbox was used to evaluate capabilities of studied surfaces to maintain visual characteristics after food and household chemicals damage. The transition of the brightness intensity of the cured HSM throughout time was illustrated. The test results demonstrate that the mechanical treatment enhances the efficiency of the impregnation product both in terms of water penetration reduction and resistance to abrasive wear. Overall the apparent improve the performance of studied finishes can be distinguished only for the short action of a chemical agent and for the limited duration of contact with the water because none of the treatment methods creates a barrier protection on the surface.


Comparison of time dependent color changes of concrete surface caused by different chemical substances
Arrangement of the concrete surface water absorption testParticle size distribution curve of proposed high strength mortarApplication of chemical substances onto surface of concrete samplesVisual appearance of different concrete surface treatments